Next Step (Ages 9-15)

For children ages 9 to 15, the Central Ohio Chapter has developed the Next Step Program, which builds off of the model used by the First Step Program.  So, just like First Step, there is an annual retreat and families will meet at least quarterly for networking events. With this age group, there is not a formal mentoring program, but that certainly doesn’t mean that a little bit of mentoring doesn’t happen naturally when a group of parents get together to talk.

At the Next Step Retreat, we provide activities and experiences for both the kids as well as the parents.  While the kids are taking part in wild adventures that push them to try new and sometimes scary things, parents find themselves with a chance to relax and connect with other adults who know just what it’s like to raise a son with hemophilia.  At night, everyone finds themselves around the campfire having a blast with their new friends. 

There is a Next Step Coordinator who is in charge of organizing not only the annual retreat, but also the quarterly events that bring families back together again.  What those events look like is completely up to the group.

Next Step Retreat Details

Next Step Retreat (for boys 9-15)
Date: August 19, 2011-August 21, 2011
Location:Buffalo Lodging Company, 24789 Miller Rd., Rockbridge Ohio.

For more information about the Next Step Program, please contact Rob Alexander at or (614) 429-2120.